Childhood Memories

July 5, 2010

This year I had the opportunity this year to visit the place where I went to celebrate the Forth of July in when I was a child. My husband didn’t think that it would live up to my expectations. When we were kids we would spend the day at Lititz Springs Park. My parents would take us to the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Factory and we would twist pretzels. We would go to the Wilbur Chocolate Candy store and get Wilbur buds. Then we ran around the park until it was time to put candles in wooden displays at run along the channel in the park. Later we would watch them light the candles and then walk over to the fireworks. The fireworks are amazing they go on for a long time and are choreographed to music. 

 Well did it live up to my expectations…. 

Well when you’re twelve running around a park without a care in the world you don’t have to argue with your three year old that the regular bathrooms are preferable to the port-a-potties. Your older children aren’t telling you that they are bored.  Heaven forbid there is no DS to play. The kids got into the spirit with the candle lighting and the fireworks amazed them. A twelve year old girl cannot anticipate the joy that she will feel when her three year old shrieks with delight with each flash of light.